Deposit-free renting is stress-free renting Keep more of your money for what matters most – growing your business.
Financial Freedom A commercial deposit is a lot of money that could be re-invested into your business instead of sitting in a bank account. Insurami gives you that freedom back.
Better Rates Great tenants that landlords trust get better rates with Insurami and stand out when applying for new properties in the future.
Online Transparency Know exactly what your guarantee covers and check your guarantee at any time online. No more digging through your paperwork.
How does Insurami work?
When you find an office space that you like and agree on the terms of the lease with the landlord, you can choose a deposit guarantee with Insurami instead of a traditional deposit. This means that, instead of paying a big one-time cash deposit, you can just submit an annual payment to Insurami and save up to 90% of money upfront.
What does the deposit guarantee cover?
Everything that a traditional deposit would cover, up to the guarantee amount. That includes any unpaid rent or dilapidations you might incur during your lease.
Do I get a refund if there are no claims?
You won’t receive a refund on previous payments made, but you can expect lower annual rates by making your lease payment on time.
Can I still opt for a traditional deposit?
Yes. You can still choose a traditional deposit if you prefer to pay the full amount upfront.
What happens when a landlord makes a claim?
You remain responsible for all rent and dilapidation claims as per your lease. Once validated, we will pay the landlord the agreed funds and seek reimbursement from you.
What happens if I don’t repay Insurami?
If you don’t repay Insurami, your debt will be passed onto a debt collection agency.
How do I use Insurami?
Once you create your account, you’ll be able to log into Insurami and verify all your information and see all the details of your guarantee policy.
How do I get started?
If a landlord has referred you to use Insurami you will just need to follow the link in the welcome email and activate your user account. Or just click here to get started.
Ready to get started?
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