Your cash, your business

Invest your capital in what matters most, your business - instead of locking up cash, pay a small monthly fee for a Deposit Guarantee that gives your landlord the same protection as a traditional cash deposit.

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What is a Deposit Guarantee?

Unlock your balance sheet

Our Deposits Guarantees have several advantages over a traditional cash deposit and conventional financing options.

Avoid a big upfront deposit

Save over 95% of your deposit costs by swapping a big upfront payment for a small monthly fee.

Unsecured financing

Deposit Guarantee are 100% unsecured financing and do not require personal guarantees.

No impact on credit

Deposit Guarantees are an off-balance sheet expense, so won't affect your leverage metrics or future ability to borrow.

Same day approval

We go from application to approval in under 24 hours.


How do Deposit Guarantees work?

Instead of locking up cash in a traditional deposit, you pay Insurami a small monthly fee for a Deposit Guarantee. If there is any unpaid rent or damages over the course of your lease/licence, your landlord will be able to make a claim from the Deposit Guarantee.

How long is the application process?

The application process takes 2 minutes to complete and we'll confirm your quote within 24 hours. All our quotes are free and no obligation - if you want to pay a cash deposit after receiving a quote, go right ahead.

What do I need to provide during the application process?

We require some standard financial information and some basic lease/licence details (duration, deposit amount, annual rent) in order to provide a quote. You can use estimated lease/licence details if they are not yet confirmed.

More questions?

Visit our Tenant FAQs page for more information

Fancy a quick chat before applying?

Leave us your details and we'll reach out as soon as we can

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