Secure payouts, high quality tenants, and seamless process Lease your properties faster with the same security you already know and trust.
Online Efficiency Take care of the deposit guarantee management process entirely online. Vet prospective tenants in seconds, monitor your properties, and handle claims directly on the Insurami platform.
Financial Security You’ll be completely covered against any defaulted rent or damages, the same way you would with a traditional deposit.
Peace of Mind Insurami complements what you’re already doing so you can do less paperwork and admin, and go on running your business.
How does Insurami work?
Tenants agree their lease terms with you, the landlord, as they normally would. Instead of paying a one-time cash deposit to secure their lease, they pay Insurami an annual rate for a deposit guarantee. This guarantee pays out any necessary costs like a traditional deposit would.
What does the deposit guarantee cover?
Everything that a traditional deposit would cover, up to the guarantee amount. That includes defaults of rent and any damages unpaid at the end of the lease.
Who covers the cost of the guarantee?
The tenant pays the costs. The landlord doesn’t pay anything.
Do I have to do anything differently?
Not really. Insurami will fit in seamlessly with your current process so you can do less paperwork and still get the security you need with every lease.
How long does it take to pay out claims?
You can expect payment within 10 working days from all documents being submitted.
How are you able to underwrite the policies given their size?
Every Insurami's Deposit Guarantee is reinsured by Munich Re in partnership with Munich Re Digital Partners.
How do I use Insurami?
Once you create your account, you will be able to log into our website and use the Insurami platform to see if prospective tenants can afford the lease, check on your policies and properties, and manage any claims.
How do I get started?
Click here to get started.
Ready to get started?
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