Flexioffices launches partnership with Insurami to offer clients deposit-free agreements


Flexioffices have partnered with Insurami to offer their clients a deposit-free option when taking a serviced office. By using a Deposit Guarantee, companies are able to save over 95% of the significant upfront costs of paying a cash deposit for their serviced office, allowing tenants to keep thousands of pounds to keep invested in their business.


Insurami is commercial real estate’s Deposit Guarantee platform - setting a new market standard by enabling deposit-free and seamless commercial leasing. Instead of locking up cash, tenants pay a small monthly fee for a Deposit Guarantee which pays out to the landlord if the tenant defaults.


With this partnership, Flexioffices are able to provide clients with a deposit-free option to help them save costs and keep their cash invested in their growth, rather than locked up. Coming out of the pandemic, Flexioffices expect this to be more important than ever to a larger number of clients.


Flexioffices has been leading the way when it comes to providing local, national and international office space for our clients and their businesses, with thousands of serviced offices in every major UK city – and more found internationally. Each serviced office benefits from fantastic features, including everything from lounge areas and video conferencing, to phone answering and concierge services – depending on availability.


Michael Dubicki, Business Development Director at Flexioffices comments: "This partnership made sense from the get-go. It offers clear value to the customer and will make the journey to acquire office space smoother, especially post Covid where a higher number of clients will be carefully watching their cashflow, to support their continued growth. Changing the way office space is found is a major goal for Flexioffices and this is a very positive step in that direction."


Jack Sibley, Head of Partnerships of Insurami, said: “We’re delighted to launch our partnership with Flexioffices, giving more companies access to deposit-free leasing across the UK Flex market. This partnership marks another milestone in Deposit Guarantees becoming a market standard - enabling companies to keep more money invested in their businesses, instead of locked up in deposits.”

For more information on Flexioffices, please visit www.flexioffices.com 

For more information on Insurami and Deposit Guarantees, please visit www.insurami.com

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