Accelerate your leasing without compromising on security

Our Deposit Guarantees provide the same level of protection as a cash deposit, without requiring tenants to lock up cash.

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Upgrade your leasing experience

Instant Decisions. Faster Leasing. Happier Tenants.

Faster leasing, better protection

Reduce move-in costs

Tenants pays a small annual fee instead of large upfront deposit.

Easy to use

Can be used in conjunction with a cash deposit or as a straight replacement.

Avoid compromising on protection

Get your preferred level of security by accepting Deposit Guarantees.

Protected from insolvency

Our solution is more secure than cash and landlords are the exclusive beneficiary.


Tenant savings vs up-front deposit costs


Maximum cover


Claims paid out within 10 business days

Tenant Benefits

Unlock your balance sheet

Avoid locking up working capital in a deposit account.

Our awesome features
A deposit-specific solution

Insurami is significantly cheaper and more flexible than other financing solutions.

Our awesome features
No impact on credit

Insurami is an off balance sheet expense and will not impact your leverage metrics or credit rating.

Our awesome features
Easy to set up

Once referred, the whole process can take as little as 5 minutes.

Our awesome features