Tenant Analytics

Our platform allows you to view all key financial data for tenants in minutes, allowing teams to save valuable time in data gathering and analysis.

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Your Hub for Tenant Risk

Welcome to the next generation of tenant financial due diligence. All the data you need, none of the stress.

Automated data collection

Use our integrations to pull accounting data, rather than getting emailed pdfs.

Customisable risk dashboard

Customise the dashboard to focus on the financial analysis that you care about.

Accelerate your leasing

Streamline your decision making process and start receiving income sooner.

Get everyone on the same page

A centralised view of tenant risk helps everyone make faster, better decisions.

Institutional-grade data security

Our platform is built to the highest standards of data security, as standard.

Insurami Risk Score

Powered by live data, our Risk Score provides an objective view of tenant risk.

How it works

Our awesome features
Request tenant information

In two clicks, your tenants give permission to pull their latest management accounts via our platform. This is already how SMEs apply for lending products - we're bringing the next generation of due diligence to real estate.

Our awesome features
Customisable Risk Dashboard

We automatically populate a customised risk dashboard giving you access to all the data you need to make a decision, including balance sheet, P&L, key performance metrics and our proprietary Risk Score.

Our awesome features
Your Hub for Tenant Risk

Instant access for all internal teams, working off the same dashboard to agree next steps, whether for new leasing, rent deferrals or risk management.

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